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The cost of any investment casting part increases in direct proportion to the preciseness of its dimensional tolerance requirements.

Close communication between the buyer and the foundry is very important.

When sending us a request for a quotation, be as realistic as possible about quantity requirements.

What do we need to know in order to quote your requirement?

The expected production order quantity determines the type of tooling to be built for investment casting. A multi-cavity automatic tool will decrease the investment casting part price, although the initial tooling investment will cost more. Request that the investment caster describe the type of tool that has been quoted.

The most important document is the part drawing. The more information on the drawing, the less chance there will be for misunderstanding.

You will be quoted a piece price and a tooling cost for your investment casting.

Investment Casting Tooling is usually a one-time cost unless the part design is modified or quantity requirements change drastically.

Tooling is the customer’s property and is normally stored at the foundry.

When requesting a quote, the following information is needed.

  • Part Number
  • Part Name
  • Revision Level
  • Alloy Type
  • Tolerances
  • Surface Finish requirements
  • Critical Dimensions and Areas
  • Quantity Breaks
  • Quality and Inspection Requirements
  • Heat Treat Requirements
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