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Taking Your Part From Concept To Production

Design-to-part investment casting capabilities allow Dal-Air Investment Castings to process a part from concept to production. Dal-Air Castings can pour the most popular material specifications for the commercial market. For full details, please review our material specifications below.

Although we specialize in high-precision investment casting parts ranging in size from a few ounces to over 10 lbs, our maximum size is 22 lbs with an envelope size of 10″x12″.

We pride ourselves in close tolerance and excellent surface finishes due to extensive process controls in our investment casting. Our investment casting technical specs are detailed here.

Dal-Air Technical Specs

Dal-Air specifications are detailed below
Typical surface finish125 RMS Avg
Blasted finish availableSteel Shot, Aluminum Oxide, Stainless Steel Shot
*Testing availableChemistry, Test Bar Mechanicals, Charpy Bar
Hardness Testing
*NDT testing available:Penetrant Inspection (Zyglo)
Magnetic Particle Inspection
*Available at an extra cost
Linear Cast Tolerances
Standard tolerances±.007”/first inch and ±.005” each additional inch
Hole size tolerance±.005”/inch typical
Premium tolerances±.005”/inch
Standard flatness, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity, concentricity tolerances.005”/inch
*Premium flatness, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity, concentricity tolerances.003”/inch

*Premium tolerances available at extra cost
Hole depth featuresThrough holes depth in relation to the diameter or width. Smaller holes (<.1.00") may be limited to a 2/1 ratio whereas larger holes (>1.0″) may provide up to a 3/1 depth to width ratio. Blind holes and slots require large fillet radii at the base and half of the depth to width ratio required.
Minimum wall thickness.060-.090″
Typical machine stock requirements>63rms surface finish and > ±.003”: .030″/side
<63rms surface finish and < ±.003”: .060”/side
Outside processes availableHeat Treatment
Painting/Powder Coat/Plating

Casting Materials

Carbon SteelHardenable Stainless Steel
10188620410 (CA-15)17-4PH
1025 (WCB)4130420 (CA-40)CA-6NM
1030414043151502 (C-12)
4118 (WC6)9310
Austenitic Stainless SteelTool Steels
302 (CF-20) 316L (CF-3M) A-2M-2
303 (CF-16F) 321 347 (CF-8C) A-6O-1
304 (CF-8) 347 (CF-8C)D-20-2
304L (CF-3)CN7M (Alloy 20) D-5S-5
309 (CH-20) CF10MC H-12S-7
310 (CK-20) CG6MMn H-13T-2
316 (CF-8M) 351CD-4Mcu
Duplex 958
Nickel Based AlloysCobalt Based Alloys
Ni BMonel 410Cobalt 6Cobalt 21
NI C (CW-12M)Monel SCobalt 12Cobalt 93
Inconel 600M-35 MonelCobalt 19
Inconel 601 (Cy-40)
Copper Based Alloys
875 Silicon Brass878 Silicon Bronze
905 Gunmetal954 Aluminum Bronze 9C

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